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Meme and More Adventures in Photoshop

There is a Getting to Know You meme going on over at hogwarts_elite! You should go check it out if you've been thinking about applying. We are a nice bunch of people! Also, if you do end up applying, tell them that I sent you and include this image in the application so that I can earn points for my house! And you should definitely think about applying because it is a LOT of fun.

But even if you're not thinking about applying and you just are bored today and feel like talking about random crap, you should go participate in the meme anyway.

ALSO, MORE ADVENTURES IN PHOTOSHOP. I made the following graphic for janetmaca a tumblr meme where I post my six favorite caps from an episode. This is for "The Satan Pit". Later I might do another post with before/after pics of each cap and my thought process behind choosing the specific caps that I did.

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Top Ten Episodes of Doctor Who (According to Me) #6-10

My top five episodes were really easy to choose, but numbers 6-10 were a LOT harder, so here's a list of some episodes that almost made the final cut.

Honorable mentions: School Reunion. I REALLY enjoy this episode and I cannot understand people who use this episode to hate on Rose. She was not the only one acting petty and immature in this episode, and I think her attitude in this episode makes a lot of sense given that the Doctor didn't talk about his past companions at all. But the reason I love this episode is because it's so much fun to see Sarah Jane again, Mickey is used to good effect, and I DON'T EVEN CARE I LOVE K-9. I thought his relationship with Four back in Classic Who was a lot of fun, so I like that he got to make an appearance on New Who. Plus, the villain is Giles! In this episode the plot is only so-so, but the character stuff is so strong, I don't really mind.

New Earth. Mostly I love this episode because it gave David and Billie a chance to show off their comedic acting chops which isn't something either of them really got to do much of during their tenure on Doctor Who. Also? CAT NUNS!

The Shakespeare Code. Yesss this episode is so much fun. Martha is a Harry Potter fan! She uses "EXPELLIARMUS" TO SAVE THE DAY. How awesome is that? I'm also a big Shakespeare fan, so seeing this fictional version of him is a lot of fun as are all the references to his works. And the cherry on top of all this is Ten's Rose!angst. Love it.

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The Ten Worst Episodes of Doctor Who (According to Me) #6-10

Honorable mentions: "The Next Doctor". I might be an RTD stan, but he is not without flaws, and imo this is the worst of his episodes. The Cyber King stuff is ridiculous as is the idea that a giant robot stomping through London would just be forgotten by history. But there is enough flashes of good stuff in the episode to barely save it from making the list. Rosita is lovely; the Doctor making the screw driver noises is funny; the speech about the all of the Doctor's companions leaving him; and the bit about how Miss Hartigan feels like the men in her society look down on her.

Also, "Aliens of London"/"World War Three". I LOVE Mickey and Jackie in this two parter, and I love Rose in it. But the plot itself does nothing for me and then the farting Slitheens are just a bit too silly for me. So yeah, not a fan of these episodes. But now for the Top 10!

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Tune in tomorrow to see who lucky numbers 5 through 1 are. Which episode will get the honor of being the Worst Episode of Doctor Who? I know, the suspense is killing you, I'm sure.