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1x02 Dalek

1x06 – “Dalek”
Grade: B+

The Doctor and Rose find themselves in the private collection of a very wealthy Doctor Who fan... Ok. Maybe not. But almost.

DALEKS! This was such a brilliant way to reintroduce Daleks to the series. They’re such an iconic part of Doctor Who that there’s no way RTD would have revived the series without them. I love the way that this episode explores the similarities between the Doctor and Daleks. Sure, the Daleks are evil, but the Doctor has does his fair share of killing. And his anger and hatred towards the Daleks doesn’t make him much better than the Daleks themselves.

Dalek: And the coward survived.
The Doctor: Oh, and I caught your little signal, help me, poor little thing. But there's no-one else coming cause there's no-one else left.
Dalek: I am alone in the universe.
The Doctor: Yep.
Dalek: So are you. We are the same.
The Doctor: We're not the same! I'm not the... No, wait, maybe we are... Yeah, right, yeah, okay. You've got a point 'cause I know what to do. I know what should happen. I know what you deserve. Exterminate!
[he flips a switch which begins to electrocute the Dalek]

But then we see Rose’s (sometimes stupid) compassion. She reaches out to touch the Dalek, and much like when she touched the Doctor’s life, she changes the Dalek.

I love this little moment. Humanizing the Dalek as a way of reintroducing the Daleks to the series was just pure genius.

Daleks: Are you frightened Rose Tyler?
Rose Tyler: Yes.
Daleks: So am I.

That final confrontation at the end is brilliant.

The Doctor: Rose, get out of the way now!
Rose Tyler: No! Cause I won't let you do this.
The Doctor: That thing killed hundreds of people.
Rose Tyler: It's not the one pointing the gun at me.
The Doctor: I've got to do this, I've got to end it. The Dalek's destroyed my home, my people. I've got nothing left.
Rose Tyler: Look at it.

Rose wants to believe that the Dalek can change for good (This actually reminds me a bit of Ten.). She stands up to the Doctor and challenges him. I love that about her. Just like Donna said in “The Runaway Bride”, the Doctor DOES need someone to stop him every once in a while.

I also love that we get another chance to see how much the Doctor has grown to care for Rose. Check out the look on his face when he thinks that he's caused Rose's death.

P.S. LOL. Shipper Dalek: "What use are emotions if you will not save the woman you love?"
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