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3x06 - "The Lazarus Experiment"

(Sorry for taking so long working on these. I've been having issues with my computer, and I'm getting ready to graduate so I've been busy.)

3x06 “The Lazarus Experiment”
Grade: D+

This is the Doctor's hair. It is pretty much the best part of this episode. So enjoy it.

I am not a fan of this episode. I just find the plot boring. The whole immortality/eternal youth thing has just been explored so much in fiction already, and this episode brings absolutely nothing new to the table. That and the fact that there is no real character growth or exploration make for an episode that I had to force myself to watch by reminding myself of the awesome episodes later in the series that await me.

Blah blah blah. Immortality. Boringness. Cocktail party. Woooo. Chase scene in a church. Hurrah. Oh and Martha is going to be traveling with the Doctor full-time. That pretty much covers all you need to know about this episode. Although I suppose I should say more, especially considering that it's been so long since my last recap.

A bit of neat trivia about this episode: The actor who plays Lazarus wrote “The Unquiet Dead” and “The Idiot’s Lantern” and also “The Victory of the Daleks” but let’s not talk about that.

Idk. I just really can’t find much to like about this episode other than the clothes that Marth and the Doctor wear. Martha’s dress is cute. And she looks pretty. Although, I think the headband is a mistake. She should have gone with a thinner one or at least one that wasn't crochet. Ten wears a tux! That is a definite plus. And his hair looks really fantastic in this episode. But yeah, the plot is lame. And I don’t like Martha’s family. Tish is the one I come closest to liking, but meh. With Rose I adored both Jackie and Mickey, with Donna I loved Wilf (even if I didn’t really like Sylvia) and with Amy I adore Rory. But Martha? Meh. Her family is all kinds of annoying and awful.

Francine just comes off as cold. She dislikes the Doctor immediately for no good reason. Jackie had plenty of reason to slap the Doctor. He’d taken away her daughter for a YEAR. She thought Rose might be dead. Nothing of the sort happened with Martha.

Lazarus: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Richard Lazarus. I am seventy-six years old. And I am reborn!

With dialogue like that how could this not be a fantastic episode? /sarcasm

The actual Lazarus monster is kind of hilarious too.

There were a couple of bits that made me laugh.

The Doctor: Really shouldn't take that long just to reverse the polarity. I must be a bit out of practice.

Heh. Nice call back to Three and his penchant for reversing the polarity of the neutron flow.

The Doctor: [playing the organ] Need to turn this up to eleven.

I see you This is Spinal Tap reference, I see you.

The Doctor: Black tie... Whenever I wear this, something bad always happens.

That might be true, Doctor, but don’t let that stop your from wearing it. That suit does all kinds of wonderful things to his lanky frame.

I also enjoyed the TS Eliot references. “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper." I love "The Hollow Men".

The closest thing that we get to character development this episode is the Doctor angsting about living so long. It had a bit of an echo of his conversation with Rose from “School Reunion”.

The Doctor: I’m old enough to know that a longer life isn’t always a better one. In the end you just get tired. Tired of the struggle. Tired of losing everyone that matters to you. Tired of watching everything to dust. If you live long enough, the only certainty is that you’ll end up alone.

Using my shipper goggles, I can see this as being about Rose. haha. Sorry about my BSC shipping. But I've got to do something to save this episode from being a total failure.

Martha does have a couple of nice heroic moments. I love that bit when she slides across the security desk. Heh. I am easily amused. And I love it when she goes back for the Doctor. But there isn't a whole lot of growth for her in this episode. I do like that she sticks up for herself and tells the Doctor to stop stringing her along. I love it when Martha doesn't put up with the Doctor's crap, but it still feels a bit like she's bluffing because she's so clearly infatuated with him, if that makes any sense.

So to recap the plot is lame and awkwardly paced. It doesn’t feel like much of a cohesive story, but rather just a bunch of ideas strung together. Character development wise nothing much happens. We don’t really get any new insight into the Doctor or Martha. At the end of the day, Martha still has a major crush on the Doctor and he’s being totally oblivious to it and thus comes off like a bit of an ass. Oh yeah and then there is some season arc Saxon stuff. Woo.

Next up: I have to force myself to sit through "42" but then I get to recap some of my all time favorite episodes!
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